1. Smooth 4-Life
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INTRO: (Doctor): "Congratulations, Sir. Proud father of a brand new baby boy."
(homie): "Awww You dirty dawg. Gomez made another one!"
VERSE 1: Wake up... Wake up Mini Moe... It's time for school.
Remember the skateboard you used to ride, My little sparrow?
VERSE 2: I care for my son. I care for his life.
My little dreamer follow the stars and dream
yourself a new dream. Dream yourself the good life,
a future and a good wife.
CHORUS: How did I do it? She wasn't "pregnant over a pizza box".
You see if I did the crime then i do the time, oh for life...
Smooth 4 - Life
BRIDGE: Welcome to this world, my son.
Power of the next generation.
As for you, Life has just begun, but for
Myself, I found out what it pays to "have fun"
OUTRO: "Welcome to Earth"