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  1. Sultry Queen
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Sultry Queen

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Release Date: JULY 24, 2015


INTRO: (Announcer): "WARNING! The following song contains
graphic scenes of violence and nudity.
These people are NOT real actors,
VERSE 1: I think I fucked your brains yesterday
and read your medical records, What DID they say?
You had a heart and liver problem
from every molecule up to your forehead.
PRE CHORUS: Nerdy glasses, Pocket protectors.
Sure... She looks squeaky clean, but
She's a good fuck, piece of bitch.
She's a "Sultry Queen".
CHORUS: "Sultry Queen".
Gimme what I need,
undercover whore.
She's My "Sultry Queen".
VERSE 2: Yesterday You drank a "Spider's Leg"
with "Annelid" and "Arachnid"
at "Amoeba and Omega's
Vegetable Party". It had vagina.
OUTRO: (announcer): "...and this,
...fellow citizens,
...has been an