1. Euphoria
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VERSE 1: Every 7:00 in the afternoon,
she stares out her window.
I know she's lookin' at Me,
and I'm starin' right back to see the stranger in black.
PRE CHORUS: Nighttime again out on the moon.
Go get your "bones"... I'm feelin' strong.
CHORUS: Then You find Yourself in Euphoric places.
and You find Yourself with pretty faces.
but Then You find Yourself trapped in another world.
and Then You find Yourself with a pretty dark-haired girl.
so Now You find Yourself...
trapped in "the World of EUPHORIA"!
VERSE 2: She comes into my room,
dressed in black, cold as a corpse.
Her soft skin pale blue in the moonlight.
Her blood red lips hover over Me.