1. Child of Rage
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Child of Rage

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This “Child of Rage” in whom you lust through
dirty thoughts, You’d dare to touch. The dream come
alive. Now You’re stalkin’ the night for one sweet fix You can't resist.
Tonight She’ll set Your pants on fire.
Chorus: We all know the “Child of Rage”
This “Child of Rage” is of the age, twisting your
mind, bringing the phase. Come to pay your “respect”
that she’s come to collect most late at night, it’s how you defect.
Ought oh… Ought oh… You’re in trouble. HEY, the
Cops are the lookout and they’re after you while purple acid rain
Is falling down, You’re wet-dream/nightmare’s coming true.
Away… Away… they’re gonna take you away.
Please don’t take “Big Daddy” away!