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"Classic Edition" almost finished 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019: 

I'm finally done with the instrument tracks for the "Classic Edition" and now working on the vocal tracks, 
parts of which I can then copy over to the "Full Band Edit" cutting down the workload significantly. 

I've  also just begun pre production for the music video to "Wizard of Death (Full Band Edit)"
which will be "different" from the "Classic Edition".  
In other news, the "Shows" page has now been changed to "Release Dates" to know
when a certain album, music video or anything else related is coming out.

Production for "Trilogy" Continues 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019:

I'm over half way done with the instrument tracks for this album and also, 
I'm done with the pre production for these music video remakes I mentioned in a previous blog.
3 of which are gonna be singles for My upcoming concept album "Trilogy" using various VFX,
while the other 3 are just straight up remakes for the hell of it and also because, (as mentioned in "The Blackberry Monologues")
I've always wanted them to be live-action anyway. (stock-footage counts as "live-action", right?)

Plus, I'm back to uploading old livestreams from last year and their respective sound checks (in separate playlists) on YouTube.

Recording for "Trilogy" begins soon 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019: 

I'm still uploading parts of My documentary "The Blackberry Monologues" on Vimeo due to it's weekly upload limit.
In other news I'm finally getting around to recording the concept album "Trilogy"
after finishing up pre-production for some music videos in support of said album.
Now these aren't gonna be some George Lucas "Special Edition" remix BS
(where I take the originals and add a bunch of new stuff), They're full on REMAKES of old music videos beginning with
"Wizard of Death" and then live action versions of  "5 Card Stud" through "Smooth 4-Life" (including My cover of "All I Wanna Do")

Blackberry Monologues is available now! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019:  

I'd just released My documentary "The Blackberry Monologues",
which is available now on YouTube as well as Vimeo.
In other news I might finally get around to recording that concept album
I've been talking about for awhile now and with it, some performance videos
in support of said album Now that I no longer stream due to
My computer not being able to handle it.
(and maybe even some remakes of old music videos)
Speaking of which, I'm seriously considering doing
a follow-up documentary about My attempts at doing so.

I May Be a "Streamer No More" but... 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019: 

I plan on doing performance videos in place of that.
(Similar to when I 1st started out on YouTube)
The 3rd and final trailer for "The Blackberry Monologues" drops Today.
In other news, I've ditched the "All Synth Remix" part of The concept album
and split "The Full Band Edit" and "Classic Edition" in 2 again.
I'm currently in the process of writing bass tabs for F.B.E. at the moment.
I know this came a little late but, I had some super important IRL stuff to
deal with during My time off away from the music and switching back to
this was no easy task, either but, I'm back doing what I know.

UStream No Longer Exists 


Friday, August 10, 2018:

You might've noticed the "Shows" page 
on this site looking a little different. Well, 
There's a reason for that. IBM Cloud Video 
(formerly Ustream) has discontinued free 
accounts, so basically, if I wanted to use it 
(after August 1st, anyway), I'd have to pay. 
And that shit ain't cheap. So, as expected, 
They basically deleted My account. And 
with that, no more embedded video or chat 
like You used to see on the "Shows" page 
where You could go and watch My shows 
and chat for free if You liked. 
(Not that too many people were doing that, anyway)

This Makes My upcoming show 
"The Happening Reimagined" the 
1st to be featured on 
as well as Mixer and Twitch. 
3 sites predominately known for 
gaming, despite the latter having 
quite the abundant music community 
that seems almost lacking in the other 2.

I'm finished with the script for My documentary 
"The Blackberry Monologues" and it's currently 
in production. I've yet to begin filming, or recording 
any voice over work. As of right now, I'm only 
working on subtitles for each part that requires it. 
No release date is guaranteed yet, for all know it 
could come out summer of next year. There's also 
the matter of "The Remix Trilogy" to take into 
account, as well.

In spite of all that, I'm happy to say that today 
marks the 5th anniversary of My 1st ever 
music video "Wizard of Death". Looking back 
on it now, I realize that while "Mutant Melvin" 
says that it's a 90's fighting game, the video 
itself suggest that it might be some kind of 
robot slasher film with the only character to 
possibly give "Big Blue" a run for His money 
being Froggit during the song's climax/outro.

Is this the end of "The Classic Era"? - No, not yet. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hey, what Up? I know it's late, but Here's what's been going on. 
You might've seen some dates on the calendar, or perhaps 
the new trailer that's been out, lately. Yes that's right. 
I've got a couple of shows coming up in April and May. 
The 1st one being an album release show. 
Yes -an ACTUAL ALBUM RELEASE SHOW (on the date of release, no less) 
Something I've always wanted to do, but could never really 
get around to doing for some reason. 
My best-of album "Bill Ulsh Yearbook" is getting released 
alongside the 1st 3 albums  (through DistroKid, hopefully) 
on April 18th, which will take place before the 1st livestream.

Also I have to give props to ysup12, 3dregenerator and the others over at for making the 3D models You've seen in My music videos 
over the years that aren't "Wizard of Death" (which I made ENTIRELY myself) 
You guys are awesome. 
-Bill Ulsh, 2017

Welcome to [NIN] Name This Playlist 

In other news I've got a new playlist on Youtube that  I think You guys should check out. 
I'm still working on the name 
right now the working title is [NIN] Neo Industrial Network 
(I know - not very creative),  and that's where I need YOUR help. 
Think You can come up with something better? 
Name This Playlist

Update: and speaking of playlists
I'm sure You're all wondering about
"Welcome to Earth: Making the Judgment Years"
Well, for the sake of preserving quality,
It's been relegated to a playlist
because as a whole, the audio
was off during the second half.
and the next question - "when will it be released?"
probably around the same time as "Nite Trax"
which is now a sound cloud exclusive playlist


Everyone's all about that Star Wars, Meanwhile... 

Thursday, December 10, 2015:
Hey guys, what's up? As you may already know the new single, "Smooth 4-Life" is out.
What you may NOT know is that I'm over 1/2 through working on my "making of" documentary for
"The Judgment Years". Also, on a personal front, I've been dealing with some financial hardships lately.
Which means 2016 is as much of a mystery to Me as it is for the rest of You. what i do know is
I would like to finish up Mutant Melvin's 5 & 6, as well the subsequent series of live streams in
support of My most recent release,(The Judgment Years) if that is at all possible.

next single "Smooth 4-Life" due out December 6, 2015 

Thursday, November 12, 2015:
As some of You may have already figured out,
I'm kinda taking a break from the
"Making - of' documentary to go work on this video.
Some exciting discoveries have developed in recent weeks
as I've figured out a way in which to fuse CGI with Live-Action
in what is quite possibly the cheapest way imaginable.
Although, the arduous task of going in
frame by frame comes along, but hopefully
this video will meet the Dec 6th deadline when all is said and done.