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"Classic Edition" almost finished 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019: 

I'm finally done with the instrument tracks for the "Classic Edition" and now working on the vocal tracks, 
parts of which I can then copy over to the "Full Band Edit" cutting down the workload significantly. 

I've  also just begun pre production for the music video to "Wizard of Death (Full Band Edit)"
which will be "different" from the "Classic Edition".  
In other news, the "Shows" page has now been changed to "Release Dates" to know
when a certain album, music video or anything else related is coming out.

UStream No Longer Exists 


Friday, August 10, 2018:

You might've noticed the "Shows" page 
on this site looking a little different. Well, 
There's a reason for that. IBM Cloud Video 
(formerly Ustream) has discontinued free 
accounts, so basically, if I wanted to use it 
(after August 1st, anyway), I'd have to pay. 
And that shit ain't cheap. So, as expected, 
They basically deleted My account. And 
with that, no more embedded video or chat 
like You used to see on the "Shows" page 
where You could go and watch My shows 
and chat for free if You liked. 
(Not that too many people were doing that, anyway)

This Makes My upcoming show 
"The Happening Reimagined" the 
1st to be featured on 
as well as Mixer and Twitch. 
3 sites predominately known for 
gaming, despite the latter having 
quite the abundant music community 
that seems almost lacking in the other 2.

I'm finished with the script for My documentary 
"The Blackberry Monologues" and it's currently 
in production. I've yet to begin filming, or recording 
any voice over work. As of right now, I'm only 
working on subtitles for each part that requires it. 
No release date is guaranteed yet, for all know it 
could come out summer of next year. There's also 
the matter of "The Remix Trilogy" to take into 
account, as well.

In spite of all that, I'm happy to say that today 
marks the 5th anniversary of My 1st ever 
music video "Wizard of Death". Looking back 
on it now, I realize that while "Mutant Melvin" 
says that it's a 90's fighting game, the video 
itself suggest that it might be some kind of 
robot slasher film with the only character to 
possibly give "Big Blue" a run for His money 
being Froggit during the song's climax/outro.

Some BiG News regarding UStream 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018:

UStream has decided to discontinue their "free" plan which means no more embedded streams on the

"Shows" page of this website. That will most likely be replaced by just the calendar letting You know when

& where events will happen, but the events themselves can no longer be shown on this website after August

if simply because I can't afford it making July's stream "Law Abiding Citizen Reimagined" the last show I'll

ever do on UStream. It's like saying goodbye to an old friend considering I've been with them since about 2012

and then I'll have to find a new streaming site that supports like or something similar

because OBS doesn't have an embed feature like the old UStream once did.

This news hits Me right in the gut as mush as I'm sure it does You guys.


What the Future May Hold 

Thursday, April 6, 2017: 

You may've noticed a few changes to the website over the past week. 
There's a "Comics" section where the old Guestbook used to be. 
That's right - You can now read all 5 of the current "Mutant Melvin" 
graphic novels EXCLUSIVELY on this website. (also what exists of "Biffman")
I also had to bump one of My upcoming livestreams up a day because
I'm dealing with some personal things of which the future of
Myself and this very website May depend on. 
But not to worry about the albums, they will still come out on the 18th 
as scheduled. It's anything after that You need to worry about.

Welcome to Earth lands June 21st 

Friday, June 10, 2016: 
You might've seen a video on Youtube recently. 

Yes that IS the  trailer to the upcoming "Making of" documentary 
set for release June 21st where You can watch it for free on youtube. 
As mentioned before, it's been relegated to a playlist to preserve quality 
because the audio was off in other versions.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I had to sacrifice length for quality, 
however that gives you the option to still watch it in it's entirety, 
or watch only parts of it. 
See how I just hooked You up? 
I'm cool like that. - Bill Ulsh

My next video is the Biggest One yet since "Wizard of Death" 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015:

Hey, how's it going. Okay here's the situation - I'm almost finished with the CG for this next video.
It is the biggest one I've done to date since 2013's "Wizard of Death"
After that I can work on the next track and then, the vocal tracks for Tracks 5 - 8
So I gotta get The Video done before I can get the rest of the album done.
As for My graphic Novel, I got a couple Illustrations I wanna work on before I can move on to the next scene
and hopefully finish that up too.

Update: all this summer, I will be uploading videos every Thursday of Live Stream shows I did from last summer

3rd Album and Mutant Melvin 4 put on hold for awhile 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014:
I'm afraid I've got some bad news mixed with good news.
The Bad News: As of yesterday, My computer's monitor decided to go all weird on Me
with wrong colors. Green dots and lines all over the screen and what's supposed be white is now some weird pinkish - purple color. The only way I'm dealing with this at the moment is using a "Windows High-Contrast" theme so I can at least read stuff (albiet monochromatically) in green text on black background. This means that the new album as well as "Mutant Melvin 4" will have to be put on hold for awhile until I can save up for a new laptop.
In other news, just recently I had trouble paying for this very website due to somebody jacking My old debit card, but thankfully My bank gave me a new one and now that "Debit Card Drama" is hopefully over.

The Good News: Matrix Devonshire's "Me and Roach" video and single for His new album
"Plain Hamburger (with Everything on it)", featuring Your's truly as SkiiDz the Roach debuts next month around Christmas, so be on the lookout for that. Despite the monitor failure I experienced yesterday, I managed to record some extra footage for the video.
Also Trans-Giving (where we watch the entire 1st Transformers Trilogy on Thanksgiving) is still going to happen in spite of everything that's happened.

Reverb Nation Store is closing tomorrow 

... and with it everything I've ever created for it in the last 2 or 3 years.
so, I'm gonna be uploading albums and t-shirts onto this site FROM SCRATCH no less
That means "Ulsh-Gear" is changing. Beginning anew, if you will, but at least stuff won't be overpriced.

Little Website update 

Friday, May 16, 2014 5:56PM:
You may've noticed some changes to the site. 
The intro page that I had since last September is gone,
and the blog page has now become part of the home page,
like it should've been in the first place.
I'm thinking I might later change the theme at some point.
In other news I've got the video half finished.
The track itself is already taken care of,
as well as the album cover for the non-album single "All I Wanna Do".
Who knows I might come up with a theme based on that,
until then we'll see, but for now I've got 1/2 a video to film.

All I Wanna Do Update 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 10:14 AM:
You might remember a few months back I mentioned something about a certain cover song I'd be doing later on. Well I'll be filming it this month, but First, I've got to hit the studio again and lay down the vocal track for it. Not to mention working on the CGI parts for the video. This is a song (and video) I've been wanting to for a long time now, ever since I'd heard it on the radio nearly 2 decades ago, so I'm personally gonna "have some fun" doing this. In other news I've already had My birthday. Pics on both My facebook and twitter pages respectively.Although we might upload them here, in the gallery, as well. So You might also be wondering "Hey... that Matrix Devonshire fella had a video coming out this month. What's happening with that?" I don't know either. Don't hate, Innovate - Bill Ulsh