Mutant Melvin

Mutant Melvin The Origins of Bill Ulsh mascot Mutant Melvin. (with NEW artwork) 717 KB
Mutant Melvin II: Extreme Summer Taking place one week after the "Self Titled Pilot" episode, The "Rat & Lizard Tag Team" run into various crazy summer hijinks on their way to "The Grove" a favorite hangout spot in Texico City that "takes the best places of a mall, and cuts out the middle-man." 1.01 MB
Mutant Melvin 3: Rodent Man's Curse Melvin and His New friends head to the Grove yet again after a rough housing accident with ends in Melvin going to the Hospital. However their favorite hang out spot ain't the same 484 KB
Grovestock Taking place 3 months after the events of Mutant Melvin 3: Rodent Man's Curse, Melvin and the boys get ready for the grand re-opening of "The Grove". (with New artwork and a new character) 810 KB
A Very Mutant Melvin X-Mas It's Christmas time, and all Mutant Melvin wants for Christmas is a "Maniac 5000" with "Wizard of Death" as a pack-in game, but gets thwarted at every stop. Meanwhile a new threat floats over-"Head" and it's up to a lowly mall-Santa and His sentient mutant reindeer to stop it. (with new cover art) 1020 KB
Texico City Mutations: The Final Melvin The 6th and final installment of the original "Mutant Melvin" graphic novel series (with new art work) 2.22 MB


Biff Man - MMII Extention Comic Mutant Melvin's favorite movie.
This time - in COMIC BOOK form!
671 KB