Time for a little Nite Trax and Chill 

Friday, March 16, 2018:

The 1st single "Mr. Self Destruct" 
from My up coming covers e.p. 
"Nite Trax Vol.II" is out Now 
and You can listen to it here: 

I've always compared to "Master of Puppets" for some reason. 

Nite Trax Vol. 1 & II 
is set for release April 13, 2018 
That's right - Friday the 13th 

My next live stream in support of that 
also now has a name: "Nite Trax and Chill" 
and now I move onto My upcoming documentary 
"The Blackberry Monologues" 
so, if You don't mind, I got a script to write.

My Time Off has Come to an End 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018: 
I'm sure by now, some of You may have 
already figured out that My time off 
has reached it's conclusion, 
and with that being said... 

Experiment II with the Marshall Mini 
& Livestream was a success. I figured 
out what levels I needed for the next 
time I play live somewhere. 

I'm ready to hit the studio again, 
for "Nite Trax vol. 1 & II" 
Vol. 1 is basically the same 4 songs 
You've heard before, just done differently. 
Vol. II on the other hand is buncha 
songs You've only ever heard me do live 
never recorded until now. 
Think of it less as Me doing My own 
versions of these songs and more... 
"Look what else I can play"

What I've been up to lately 

Friday, January 19, 2018: 
You've probably been wondering what I've been 
up to during My time off, before I go back 
in the studio to lay down some vocals 
for this new covers album. 
I'm just going through the motions right now. 
Kicking around ideas for future projects. 
Most of that stuff's already on the itinerary. 
I've been experimenting with the Marshall Mini 
& Ustream and one thing I've learned recently was 
to turn up the mic a bit but without 
drowning out the music.

Some Much Needed Time Off 

Friday, November 10, 2017: 
After 2 Months, The 1st part of the Trilogy 
project is complete. (The main backing tacks, that is) 
Asa result, I'm taking time off from any 'main' projects 
until maybe January, or February of 2018 
and During that time off I'll be Uploading Outtakes 
& Deleted scenes from Mutant Melvin 6 
and experimenting with the 
Marshall mini and Livestream, as promised.

What's Left on the Itinerary? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017: 
I'm 3/4 of the way done with stuff from "Wizard of Death" 
and already 1/3 into the stuff I wanna do from 
"Judgment Years". I'm still excited for "The Classic Edition" 
despite the limited number of songs. This is because of that 
playing style's one and only major drawback: You can really 
only do so much with playing bass and rhythm at the same time. 
While intriguing, it limits what songs can faithfully 
be recreated in such a way. However it's still interesting 
to hear the songs that can be done, played this way. 
Now You're probably asking "What about 'Nite Trax: Vol. II' 
or 'Blackberry Monologues'?" Those are still gonna happen 
at some point. I already have a track listing for "Nite Trax II" 
The only thing I can tell about that is that it feels like 
a continuation of Vol.1 while also being it's own stand-alone E.P.

Bill Ulsh Trilogy still in the works 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017: 
I'm pretty much done with all the backing tracks 
for songs from "Bash Contract" and getting ready to 
move on to stuff from "Wizard of Death" and "Judgment Years", 
but that's only the beginning, because I haven't even 
gotten to the "hands-on" studio stuff yet (Vocals, guitars etc.) 
I think it'll be pretty interesting to hear these songs done this way. 
Can't wait to do them live, speaking of which I still plan on 
experimenting with sound quality on Ustream and seeing what I can work with 
at some point in time in the near future now the weather's cooled down 
a little bit. As far as Mutant Melvin goes I'll snap up the outtakes 
from "Texico City Mutations" at some point as well.

Did I just end "Mutant Melvin"? 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017: 

I can't believe I'm finally finished with 
ALL 6 Mutant Melvin graphic novels. 
The last one coming out the 25th 
(Melvin's birthday, for those who get the reference) 
There will, of course be outtakes, deleted & alternate 
scenes posted in the picture galleries, and Believe Me 
-there's a whole entire book of 'em. It'll no doubt be 
a little time consuming, but I'll get it done, eventually. 

What else I'm working on: 
I just began work on a another project. 
"Bill Ulsh Trilogy" (or just simply "Trilogy") 
a triple remix album where I take a handful 
of select songs from  all 3 albums and redo them in a different 
(and very interesting) way. 

1st we have the "All Synth Remix" 
which on the surface, sounds like the original 
just with a different coat of paint. 
Square Lead and Synth Bass may be obvious, 
but the sawtooth acts as sort of a rhythm guitar part. 

Next We have the "Full Band Edit". 
Where I get to play guitar on songs 
that didn't previously have them, 
and I know what You're all thinking - 
"but wait... don't they already have guitar?" 
Yes, but it's the keyboard's guitar. 
Here, those parts are swapped out with actual guitar. 
However if You're expecting "wicked crazy solos", 
You might be setting Yourself up for a serious disappointment 
because what can be played on guitar, will be played. (mostly rhythm stuff)

and last, but certainly not least is what I'm personally 
most excited for - "The Classic Edition" 
and why do I find this exciting? 
Because this one basically brings back a sound I'd not 
heard in nearly a decade. Even before I started making albums. 
See, before I had My Yamaha PSR-E413 that You hear on the albums, 
I had a Crumar "Organizer-B" (mislabelled as Traveler-1) 
and for an old draw bar organ, it had a pretty heavy sound 
complete with a bumpin' split bass. The distortion on that thing 
could rival some guitars easily before its untimely demise 
back in 2008. Well I guess You could say it's alive again 
(in some form, anyway) and not only the sound, but the 
playing style as well, because the synth track on the albums 
has always been based on that playing style. 

I think it's safe to say I've found My next project to 
keep Me occupied for quite some time to come.

I am DONE with livestreams (...for the summer, at least) 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

I've come to a decision. After My most recent show 
"ReinVisited", I'm done with live-streaming for the 
summer, but will however experiment with different 
sounds and see what works. 
In the meantime, I plan on finishing up 
My graphic novel series "Mutant Melvin" 
with a release date for somewhere between 
late August and early September. 
As for the future, There's still 
"The Blackberry Monologues" and maybe another covers 
e.p. in the pipeline. In time, We'll see.

The Quality of Our Lives-TReaMS may POSSIBLY improve 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017: 
How's it goin', My fellow Hyper-Kinetic Beings? 
Excellent news. I'm almost finished with Mutant Melvin 
and lemme tell ya, the story really did take an interesting turn. 
(Just wait and see when it comes out)

In other news, I finally had to ditch My red and beige 
"RMS" practice amp due to it fading in and out of volume 
during My shows. It started at last year's "Smooth 4-Now" show, 
and I eventually got tired of it, so I broke down and got a little 
50 dollar "Marshall Mini". It runs on a 9 volt and it isn't big and 
clunky like the last one was.

Yup My ADHD is now CONFIRMED!!! 
So that e.p. I was working on 
before might become a reality.

What's Going on with this Guy? 

Monday, May 8, 2017: 

My Fellow Tribesmen, I've decided it's been long enough 
and now I plan to finish "Mutant Melvin" whenever there's 
downtime from the livestreams in support of My Best-of album 
"The Bill Ulsh Yearbook". It's been since December of 2016, 
since I'd taken any time off from it. I have a couple ideas 
already in store for the conclusion of "Mutant Melvin 6". 
It should be interesting where things go from there. 
In other news, due to the release of "Bill Ulsh Yearbook", 
and the Re-Release of the first 3 albums, the Spotify Shares 
are Back!!! Sharing only one song a day. and speaking 
of songs, You guys should go check out "Spider's Dirty Rotten Weekend" 
on spreaker, where Myself, and other artists such as SPIDER in the HALL, 
& State of Being are featured, it's a nice little indie radio show hosted by 
My friend Craig Huston (a.k.a. SPIDER in the HALL) 

Spider's Dirty Rotten Weekend