Return to "The Judgment Years" 

Thursday, March 5, 2015:
I plan to take a little break, this time, from the video as well as "Mutant Melvin 4",
so I can go work on the rest of the new album.
Songs 3 & 4, to be exact, which are a couple faster songs.
I may revisit the video sometime later when I've recorded the  vocal tracks
to all 4 of the first new songs since "Wizard of Death".
As far as the graphic novel is concerned, I'll probably get back to that
when a new idea hits me like a ton-o-bricks.
When that's happens, I'll keep you posted.

One Trilogy Ends while Another Begins 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015:
Bill Ulsh here with another Update.
I'm 2 songs into the new album and I haven't even gotten vocal tracks done yet.
However due to some financial setbacks, it looks like I'll be taking a little break from working on the album for awhile,but in the meantime, I'll be working on Mutant Melvin 4 and the video to one of the new songs which is decidedly gonna be the 1st single, probably.
No release date has been set as of yet but I'll keep You posted.

Let the Judgment Years BEGIN! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015:
We're beginning work on the new album.
So far, we have the album covers to 2 singles and a  video for one of them already pre - visualized.
I'm trying some new effects on the video itself in test footage, seeing what works and what doesn't.
Not sure when the 1st single will be finished or released yet, but I'm hoping to complete the new album
by June, or sometime this coming summer.
As for Mutant Melvin 4, I haven't worked on the details yet, but it will pick up where" Mutant Melvin 3: Rodent Man's Curse" left off.

Computer Update 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014:
A little update on the status of My computer. You remember i told  ya it had monitor failure? -about that-
I had to do a complete system restore, we're talkin' back to factory defaults, meaning I had to reinstall EVERYTHING!
But the colors on it and everything are all back to normal (as in no more green and pink shit all over the screen, looking the way it should)
As far as the album and MM4 goes, it's still gonna be a little while, but both will be done by sometime in 2015

3rd Album and Mutant Melvin 4 put on hold for awhile 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014:
I'm afraid I've got some bad news mixed with good news.
The Bad News: As of yesterday, My computer's monitor decided to go all weird on Me
with wrong colors. Green dots and lines all over the screen and what's supposed be white is now some weird pinkish - purple color. The only way I'm dealing with this at the moment is using a "Windows High-Contrast" theme so I can at least read stuff (albiet monochromatically) in green text on black background. This means that the new album as well as "Mutant Melvin 4" will have to be put on hold for awhile until I can save up for a new laptop.
In other news, just recently I had trouble paying for this very website due to somebody jacking My old debit card, but thankfully My bank gave me a new one and now that "Debit Card Drama" is hopefully over.

The Good News: Matrix Devonshire's "Me and Roach" video and single for His new album
"Plain Hamburger (with Everything on it)", featuring Your's truly as SkiiDz the Roach debuts next month around Christmas, so be on the lookout for that. Despite the monitor failure I experienced yesterday, I managed to record some extra footage for the video.
Also Trans-Giving (where we watch the entire 1st Transformers Trilogy on Thanksgiving) is still going to happen in spite of everything that's happened.

Reverb Nation Store is closing tomorrow 

... and with it everything I've ever created for it in the last 2 or 3 years.
so, I'm gonna be uploading albums and t-shirts onto this site FROM SCRATCH no less
That means "Ulsh-Gear" is changing. Beginning anew, if you will, but at least stuff won't be overpriced.

Wizard's 1 year anniversary, a Future for Mutant Melvin, and Bill Ulsh in the Studio... AGAIN! 

Monday, September 22, 2014:

Wizard's 1 year anniversary:
As some of You might already know, this Wednesday is the last show
in My series of summer livestream shows, it also marks the one year anniversary of the release of My 2nd album "Wizard of Death".
To celebrate, there will be donuts of the Maple-Walnut variety.

a Future for Mutant Melvin:
Yes after much searching, a replacement for Adobe Acrobat was found
so there IS a future for "Mutant Melvin" after all as it will be done on Open A pretty good program. I just have to fight the urge to pull a "George Lucas special edition" on the 1st Trilogy, but the options are just so damn good.

and Bill Ulsh in the Studio... AGAIN!:
After the last live show, I plan to go into the studio sometime this October to record My 3rd Album. This one's the 1st to feature an actual guitar (not just an effect on My synthesizer) on a couple tracks.
Just this month I'd already been working on early concepts for the album art, which is "pretty interesting" to say the least. I'll keep You posted on further updates.

All I Wanna Do is Beat the Heat and Fire Muh Lazors 

Saturday, July 12, 2014 10:15AM:

Well, believe it or not, folks, I was still working on the video for 'All I Wanna Do" which is due out this Wednesday. Never have I worked on something this close to its release date.
Had a few issues along the way because apparently, AVS Video Editor couldn't handle the awesomeness, but I assure the final video is finished and is looking absolutely beau-ti-mous.

In other news, My air conditioner ran out of coolant/freon recently, so I'm having to finish My series of live-streaming shows in nearly 90 degree weather. The good news, however, is: I finally got My 1 gallon of fog juice, so I can now 'Fire Muh Lazors". So, be on the lookout for that at My next show.

All I Wanna Do is Play Some Shows 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 11:11AM:
Good News, everyone. The Official Video for "All I Wanna Do" is now complete and is set for a mid July release. Now some of You have probably already heard the song on Youtube or UStream at some point in time, but now it finally HAS an official video. Ever since I'd heard the original sometime on a summer day in 1994, I've always wanted to do My own version of this song, and now, 2 decades later, that idea has become a reality,
and that reality will come to fruition July 16, 2014.

In other news, I plan to do some live streaming shows this summer on sites such as UStream (of course) and Stageit between June 18th and September 24th, so for those of You who can't go to any physical concerts this year, You can sit back and chill with the Ulsh-Man. So, I'll see You on the "Virtual - Stage".

B.T.W. I got finally got to talk to Matrix Devonshire recently about any updates on the video. He's decided to put that on hold so He can work on the rest of His 2nd album.Hopefully soon You'll get to see Me - actin' a fool in not only one, but 2 videos this summer.

Little Website update 

Friday, May 16, 2014 5:56PM:
You may've noticed some changes to the site. 
The intro page that I had since last September is gone,
and the blog page has now become part of the home page,
like it should've been in the first place.
I'm thinking I might later change the theme at some point.
In other news I've got the video half finished.
The track itself is already taken care of,
as well as the album cover for the non-album single "All I Wanna Do".
Who knows I might come up with a theme based on that,
until then we'll see, but for now I've got 1/2 a video to film.