The Judgment Years has Arrived! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015:
Well, the day has finally come. My long anticipated 3rd album - available NOW!
It took over half a year to make, and lemme tell ya - Those 7 months were not without
their ups and downs which leads me to my next announcement - I'm in the process of
working on a "Making Of -" documentary for the album giving YOU the fans an inside look
at how this album was made that's sure to feature some pretty hilarious moments that
took place during My time in the studio. As I stated previously, the album is released through
DistroKid this time around instead of ReverbNation (unlike My first 2 albums).
Also, please note that those of You on Spotify may have to wait a week.

The Judgment Years is FINISHED! and ready for release 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015:
What is going on, guys. Ulshman, here with another update.
My next album "The Judgment Years" is finished and ready to be released.
September 10th, to be exact.
I might also be planning an album release party on U-Stream, possibly.
It depends on how things work out.
The third album consists of 9 tracks (not unlike "Bash Contract")
1. T.L.F.D. (True Lie Fate Die)
2. Euphoria (1st single)
3. Air Vent
4. Young Love
5. Marni
6. Arc Weather Vein
7. Sultry Queen (2nd Single)
8. Teacher Love Crime
9. Smooth 4-Life (3rd and possibly final Single)
and it will be released through DistroKid instead of ReverbNation
due to complications with the wav files. (plus it's cheaper - 20 bucks a year)

About Those Numbers - Teaser pics EXPLAINED! 

Friday, July 17, 2015:
Hey, How's it goin'? You've probably seen some pictures with weird numbers pop up lately.
If You haven't figured it out already, allow me to explain - Those are release dates.
The Ambulence Picture - Sultry Queen: 7-24-15

The 5 symbols Picture - Judgment Years set release date: 9-10-15

Also set for release on the 24th is Mutant Melvin 4: Grovestock.

and now Live Shows. Of the nearly dozen shows from last years "Streamathon",
I only managed to download 5 of them.
So sit back and enjoy the 5th and final show I was able to retrieve
from last summer's series of livestreaming shows.


Over Half Way Done 

Wednesday, July 2, 2015:

I'm 3/4 of the way done with "The Judgment Years"
having just finished up tracks 5 - 8, and I can't wait
to work on the "live-action-y" bits for My next video.
Also I hope to be finishing up "Mutant Melvin 4" soon
coming up with ideas for the final scenes as we speak.
As You may or may not already know, these things
take awhile to get done, so just be patient and besides
You have My "Throw Back Thursday" Live Shows
from last summer to hold ya over, so it's all good.

My next video is the Biggest One yet since "Wizard of Death" 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015:

Hey, how's it going. Okay here's the situation - I'm almost finished with the CG for this next video.
It is the biggest one I've done to date since 2013's "Wizard of Death"
After that I can work on the next track and then, the vocal tracks for Tracks 5 - 8
So I gotta get The Video done before I can get the rest of the album done.
As for My graphic Novel, I got a couple Illustrations I wanna work on before I can move on to the next scene
and hopefully finish that up too.

Update: all this summer, I will be uploading videos every Thursday of Live Stream shows I did from last summer

This album might take longer than I thought 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015:
This month I'll be working on both the song and the video to My next single set for a possible July release.
As far as the rest of the album goes, ideally, I'd have liked to have been done by June,
but it's looking closer to August with a possible September release.
I might also be working on "Mutant Melvin" again possibly finishing up the 4th installment of the franchise.

New single "Euphoria" Released 

The 1st single of My 3rd album "The Judgment Years" has just come out today.
You can enjoy it on Youtube or Soundcloud
I also regret to inform everyone that the name "Matrix Devonshire" is apparently nomore
as "the artist formerly known as Matrix" himself informed Me last night.
He goes by a different name now.

Good News, Everyone 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015:
The 1st 4 tracks off of the new album titled "The Judgment Years" have been Finished!
The 1st single titled "Euphoria" comes out THIS FRIDAY!
and then it's Back to the Studio for tracks 5 - 8
and as far as "mutant Melvin 4" is concerned, I'll work on that whenever I find the time.

Return to "The Judgment Years" 

Thursday, March 5, 2015:
I plan to take a little break, this time, from the video as well as "Mutant Melvin 4",
so I can go work on the rest of the new album.
Songs 3 & 4, to be exact, which are a couple faster songs.
I may revisit the video sometime later when I've recorded the  vocal tracks
to all 4 of the first new songs since "Wizard of Death".
As far as the graphic novel is concerned, I'll probably get back to that
when a new idea hits me like a ton-o-bricks.
When that's happens, I'll keep you posted.

One Trilogy Ends while Another Begins 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015:
Bill Ulsh here with another Update.
I'm 2 songs into the new album and I haven't even gotten vocal tracks done yet.
However due to some financial setbacks, it looks like I'll be taking a little break from working on the album for awhile,but in the meantime, I'll be working on Mutant Melvin 4 and the video to one of the new songs which is decidedly gonna be the 1st single, probably.
No release date has been set as of yet but I'll keep You posted.